The Paediatric Team

Individuals/Teams that you may encounter during your stay

Uniform guide


The medical care received will be co-ordinated by one of the Paediatricians (a doctor specialising in the care of children).  We have 15 Paediatricians in Plymouth and they are:

  • Dr Thynn Aung
  • Dr Alan Cade
  • Dr Samuel Broad
  • Dr Oliver Cuthell
  • Dr Cath Derry
  • Dr Jonathon Gallichan
  • Dr Bea Mclaren
  • Dr Vicky Ohlsson
  • Dr Alice Porter
  • Dr Mala Raman
  • Dr Georgina Selby
  • Dr Muhammad Shahjehan 
  • Dr Tom Siese
  • Dr Becky Smith
  • Dr Myooren Wimalendra
  • Dr Emma Hulbert-Powell
  • Dr Yolanda Alins-Sahun
  • Dr Andy Robinson

The doctor will be responsible for the overall care of you/your child and will meet with you at regular intervals. The other paediatricians will also help to care for you/your child and make decisions. All of the Paediatricians are supported by a team of doctors called Specialist Registrars, Clinical Fellows and Jonior Doctors who will provide the daily medical care.

Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioners (APNP’s)

In addition to the doctors there is a team of highly trained Paediatric Nurses called Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioners (APNP’s). They have undertaken additional training to become competent in what were traditionally doctor’s roles, including prescribing medications.

Nursing Management Team

The Paediatric Matron is Katie Hoffmann.

CAU/CHDU Ward Manager/Senior Sister is Beverley Bromley

Woodcock Ward Manager/Senior Sister is Carly Wright

Wildgoose/CPYOD Manager/Senior Sister is Helen Little

Paediatric Nurses

There is a large team of specially trained Nursing Sisters, Staff Nurses, Specialist Nurses and Health Care Assistants caring for you/your child 24 hours a day.


All staff working in Paediatrics will wear a uniform, you can tell who they are by the colour they are wearing.

  • Paediatricians – Burgundy Scrub Top/Own Clothes
  • Other Doctors – Green Scrub Top/Own Clothes
  • Matron – Royal Blue tunic with Red piping
  • APNP’s – Purple Scrub Top
  • Clinical Educator - Burgundy Tunic
  • Senior Nursing Sisters/Ward Managers – Navy Blue with Yellow Piping
  • Paediatric Sisters – Navy Blue with White Piping
  • Paediatric Nurses - Light Blue Tunics with White Piping
  • Health Care Assistants – Light Green Tunics
  • Nursing Students – Blue and white Striped Tunics
  • Hotel Services – Grey Tunics

We are a teaching hospital and therefore work very closely with the university. You may see nursing and medical students during your stay on the unit. They are here to gain essential experience whilst being closely supervised.

During your stay you may see other members of the Paediatric Care Team such as:

  • Paediatric Physiotherapist
  • Paediatric Play Specialists
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Family Support Worker
  • Infant Feeding Specialist
  • Paediatric Dietician
  • Social Worker
  • Pharmacist
  • Radiographers
  • School Teachers

You may also be seen by Speciality Teams including:

  • Surgical
  • ENT
  • Orthopaedic
  • MaxFax
  • Urology
  • Opthalmology

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