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The Disability and Wellbeing Network (DAWN) has created this campaign to support UHP in getting an accurate figure for the amount of staff living with a disability in the Trust. This way, UHP will be better placed at helping our staff stay in work and foster a work life balance that promotes a healthy mind and body.

What is a disability?

The legal definition of a workplace disability is “a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on the employees' ability to do normal daily activities.”

This covers physical disabilities, as well as learning disabilities, mental health conditions and hidden disabilities.

Why is it important to tick the box?

To ensure that the Trust is supporting its diverse workforce, it is vital to understand the current condition of all staff members. UHP's declaration rate is below the national average and it would help DAWN support all staff with disabilities or long term conditions if this data was updated.

Declaring your disability will has benefits for you as well, for example in career progression. Everyone that discloses their disability and meets all the criteria in a job advert, will have a guaranteed interview for that job.

You can download the campaign leaflet here, where it explains how to log into ESR and declare your disability or long term condition. Alternatively, you can fill in the form below and if you give us permission, we can update your records for you.

If you have any questions or doubts about what it means for you to tick the box, you can talk to Frank O'Friel, DAWN chair, or Jane-Marie Harvey, deputy chair of DAWN, who will be happy to talk to you.



Disability Tick the Box pledge

By completing this pledge, you are accurately updating your information on our Electronic Staff Record (ESR). This  will remain confidential, and you will not be contacted by the Disability and Wellbeing Network (DAWN) unless you have agreed. 

We welcome your openness and honesty to enable us to learn and create the most inclusive workplace possible. This pledge consists of 14 questions and is expected to take less than 5 minutes. The overall results will be presented anonymously in data/charts and any information shared will not be personally identifyable to maintain confidentiality.

As part of the 'Tick the Box Campaign' we have designed a pin badge that can be worn on your lanyard, to show that you have joined the campaign and you are keen to promote equality for all staff. UHP wants to be at the at forefront of all NHS Trusts in fostering a work life balance that promotes a healthy mind and body.

For more information about what will happen to your feedback please contact plh-tr.dawn@nhs.net

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