Tree of Life Group

What is Tree of Life?

The idea of a Tree of Life group was created by Ncazelo Ncube-Mlilo, a Zimbabwean psychologist and narrative therapist, who was supporting children and young people who had experienced significant trauma.  The first Tree of Life group was run in 2019 and we try to run it every year.

During the day, children played games and got to know each other.  Each child was also encouraged to draw their own unique “Trees” which captured their histories (in the “roots”) and current lives (in the “ground”), their strengths and skills (in the “trunk”), those people who enriched their lives (in the “leaves”), and their hopes and dreams for the future (in the “branches”).  The young people were gently guided by the team to explore and draw what most mattered to them.    

Who is it for?

This is a face to face group event for young people with type 1 diabetes who were about to start secondary school in September.  Its aim is to bring young people together to tell their stories of who they are and what empowers them, and to provide an opportunity to connect with each other at a time of significant change in their lives. 

When young people with type 1 diabetes move to secondary school, there are often changes in what they need to do to manage their condition on a daily basis as well as the challenges and excitements associated with attending a new, usually bigger school.  Bringing them together for a day can help them realise that they are not alone and that there are many things they already know and can do to make a great start in secondary school.

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What do our young people think the best things were about the group?

I got to meet new people

Meeting new people and getting to know others with diabetes

I had a really fun time

That it is really good and it has changed my experience

Who do I speak to if I want to be part of the next group?

Speak to your diabetes team who can give you more information about planned groups or email the psychology team directly here

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