Clinical Measurement & Innovation

The Clinical Measurements & Innovation group (CMI) includes Healthy Bones, MRI and Non-ionising radiation physics and scientific computing services. We are based within Healthcare Science & Technology and located on the Derriford site.

We have a highly skilled professional team of Healthcare Scientists, Radiographers and Admin support.

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Healthy Bones

MRI Physics and Non-ionising radiation physics services.

Scientific computing services.

Our services are primarily focused on the patient in particular our clinical team carrying out bone density scans and our healthcare scientists working closely with users of NIR technologies to ensure safety such as MRI where we undertake implant safety investigations.

Our remit is also to provide high level scientific advice to users (acting in expert roles – MR Safety Expert, Laser / Non-ionising Radiation Protection Advisor) to ensure high quality clinical services and compliance with legislative requirements and national guidelines such as MHRA. We support a number of departments including Imaging, Oncology, Surgery, Dermatology, and Ophthalmology, and also external customers including other NHS Trusts.

We also deliver teaching and training (including honorary appointments with the UoP / Medical School, and appointments with the ROS training scheme for bone densitometry) and initiate and support research, development and innovation..

Our service activities are very much aligned with the Trusts strategic direction in working with others in delivering sustainable safe and high quality services, putting people first and valuing the team.

Early detection of patients at risk of fragility bone fractures reduces avoidable admissions of frail elderly patients, and implementing telephone assessments has reduced the number of patients physically seen in the hospital setting.

Taking on new roles and services supports increasing medical capacity (e.g. Radiologist time), and savings on costs and optimisation work supports better utilisation of scanners and improved outcomes for patients.

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