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Diabetes Education

In collaboration with Sentinel Healthcare Southwest CIC, Plymouth Diabetes Centre is able to offer education to people with diabetes.

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Type 1 diabetes

For Type 1 diabetes we are able to offer carbohydrate counting education locally known as PASTIE (Plymouth Adjustment System Through Insulin and Eating) and sorry pasties are not provide on the course!  It is run over 4 weeks with individuals attending a morning of group education regarding type 1 diabetes management and the principles of carbohydrate counting.  It is a mixture of interactive teaching and practical activities.  The education is provided by an experienced team of Diabetes Specialist Nurses and Diabetes Specialist Dieititians and is based on the BIDAC course. For more information regarding BIDAC please review the website below.

New in 2018 

We now are able to provide offer a carbohydrate awareness course called Insulin Carbohydrate Education (ICE).  This one day session will offer an introduction to carbohydrates and management of variable blood glucose levels.

ICE PROGRAMME.pdf [pdf] 15KB


Type 2 diabetes

Sentinel healthcare

For Type 2 diabetes Sentinel Healthcare are currently providing a 4 hour education programme spread over 2 weeks.  The education is aimed to empower individuals with type 2 diabetes to self-manage their diabetes through lifestyle, diet and activity changes as well as learning more about the conditions progression and possible medical management.

For more information regarding local type 2 diabetes education please review the website below.

Referral Process

In both instances you will need to ask your GP practice and ask them to refer you to the appropriate course.

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