Derriford User Groups

Image of drawing from DUG memberThe Derriford User Group (DUG) has been meeting since 2009. It is made up of people with a learning disability who have lived experience of using the hospital as an in or out patient, Learning Disability Liaison Nurses, Primary Care Liaison Nurses and an independent advocate.

We have over 30 members who attend meetings every two months and have a work plan which we write, update and review each year. DUG members regularly help mystery shop wards, deliver training and assist link practitioners design easy read information.

Together this group help to shape, influence and improve services for people with a Learning Disability across the Trust.

If there is something that you would like the Derriford User Group to look into please click here to email the Learning Disability Team.


  DUG Minutes: December 2019  DUG Minutes: February 2020 

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