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This information is intended for patients who may make use of our learning disability service.

Learning Disability Hospital Passport

Image of Hospital Passport Guide to fill in hospital passport   

Please click this link for guidance on completing the hospital passport.

Hospital Passport Add-ons:

If you have a learning disability and need to give more information about Epilepsy, Autism, mental health or how to help when in pain - you can add these pages to your hospital passport.

Epilepsy hospital passport add-on     Autism Hospital Passport Add-on        Mental Health Hospital Passport Addon    Pain Hospital Passport Add-on 

Coronavirus Update & Hospital Passport

  Covid-19 LD Team Update Covid-19 Hospital Passport 


Hospital Communication Book

The Hospital Communication Book is a useful tool for use with anyone who has difficulties with communication. The book is available from the Clear Communication website. You can download the PDF or print off a version from this link. 

  Image of the Communication Book


Learning Disability Team Business Card

LD Business Card Nov 2020     

Click here to download our easy read business card 


National Austistic Society Hospital Passports

The National Autistic Society have made hospital passports which can be used by people who are on the autistic spectrum. 

Click here to download the hospital passport 

Click here to download the guidance notes   

The All Stars Theatre Group "Help them to help you"

This is a film made by adults with Learning Disabilities for Adults with Learning Disabilities to give advice and guidance on a range of topics. 

Click here to watch a video about the Hospital Passport 

Complain for Change

Image of Complain for Change

This Easy Read leaflet explains what to do if you want to complain about the service you have received from a doctor, hospital, dentist or optician in the NHS in England. Click here to read the leaflet


All easy read leaflets can be found by clicking on this picture easy read leaflets  

COVID-19 Vaccination Booster Easy Read  

Easy guide to covid-19 booster vaccination

Coronavirus guidance by Photosymbols

Coronavirus: How to stay safe  Coronavirus and health issues  Coronavirus What if you get ill?   Corona Virus Staying at home  Coronavirus please don't spread it  Coronavirus - Get tested poster  Coronavirus vaccine poster

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