Patient information leaflets in easy read format

Image of Medication leaflet Image of easy read information about asthma Image of report leafletImage of Guide A guide to sepsis easy read falls easy read  NHS England Mental Capacity Act 2005 Easy Read The NHS Long Term Plan 2019 Having a Kidney Transplant Easy ReadHaving swabs taken easy read Where Am I? Attend Anywhere appointments easy readWearing an Oxygen Mask Having your blood pressure taken Constipation Easy Read Leaflet Having a nasogastric tube easy read Easy read leaflet Having a catheter easy read leafletEasy read TEP form Going home after a sedative easy read Circumcision easy readmy heart problem easy read leaflet Consent for UVB light treatment easy read leaflet PUVA treatment easy read leafletSystemic PUVA treatment easy read leaflet having a ecg easy read leaflet PALS easy read leaflet Coming into Derriford hospital as an inpatient easy read leaflet my discharge plan from hospital easy read Having a x-ray easy read leaflet Coming into hospital with an injury or serious infection during COVID 19 easy readHaving your COVID jab at the Argyle vaccination centre easy read leaflet Cellulitis easy read leaflet Dislocated shoulder easy read Head injury advice easy read Nosebleeds easy read Sprained knee easy read Toe Injuries easy read  human or animal bites easy read  insect bites or stings easy read Back Pain easy read Burns and scalds easy read First seizure easy read Sprained ankle easy read upper gastrointestinal bleeding easy read  wound care easy read



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