The Neurology department at Derriford Hospital is the largest neurology unit in the peninsula. We offer a 24-hour on call and inpatient service so we can ensure all patients admitted with a neurological condition are assessed by a consultant neurologist.

We provide the largest range of sub-speciality clinics in the peninsula and are part of a Neuroscience Centre at Derriford, offering a wide range of tertiary services to support other hospitals in the region. Clinical care is complemented by an active research programme both in laboratory-based neurosciences and in clinical trials of new treatments.  The department works closely with the regional neurosurgical, neuroradiology and neuro-oncology services which are also based at Derriford. This helps us provide integrated care.

The Acute Neurology and Stroke Unit is on floor 10 on Merrivale ward and we also have 12 Stroke beds on Monkswell ward which is adjacent to Merrivale ward. We also look after patients with neurological illnesses throughout the hospital.

Inpatient Service

  • All patients with a primary neurological illness are admitted directly under specialist neurology care.
  • All patients who have had a stroke are admitted under the care of a specialist team.
  • All patients with a stroke are considered for thrombolysis.
  • Elective diagnostic procedures or treatments are carried out in the programmed investigation unit (PIU) on level 5.
  • We have EEG monitoring and Video EEG telemetry available for the management of patients with epilepsy, either as an emergency or elective procedure.
  • We run a daily TIA service and a GP urgent access service in the Acute Assessment Unit on level 6. This means that a person can often have their tests on the same day rather than having to stay in hospital for a short admission.

Outpatient Services 

In addition to our outpatient clinics, held in the Outpatient Department at Derriford Hospital we also offer community clinics to try and make our service more convenient. 

Our clinics cover all aspects of general neurology, and we host several regional neurology services and provide specialist clinics in cerebrovascular disease, epilepsy, headache, motor-neurone disease, movement disorders, multiple sclerosis, neurofibromatosis, neuroinflammation, neuromuscular disease and rehabilitation.


Our UHP Clinical Neurology Team 

Consultants (subspecialty interests)


Dr Omar Almasri (general neurology, neuroinflammatory disease, multiple sclerosis)

Professor Camille Carroll (general neurology, movement disorders)

Dr Simon Edwards  (general neurology, movement disorders)

Professor Oliver Hanemann (neuromuscular disease, neurofibromatosis)

Dr Jeremy Hobart (neuroinflammatory disease, multiple sclerosis)

Dr Elizabeth Househam  (general neurology, neuromuscular)

Dr Daniel Lashley (general neurology, ambulatory care)

Dr Azlisham Mohd Nor (general neurology, cerebrovascular disease)

Dr Martin Sadler (general neurology, epilepsy)

Dr Stephen Mullin (general neurology, movement disorders)

Dr Mike O’Gara (general neurology, Functional Neurological Disorder)

Dr Alex Shah (general neurology, stroke)

Dr Stuart Weatherby  (general neurology, headache)



Dr Roberto Sans-Boza

Dr Eva Villamil



Dr Rupert Noad

Dr Della Nicolle 

Dr Gemma Johns 

Dr Thomas Davis 


Specialist Nurse/Practitioner Teams

Specialist Nurse/Practitioner Lead - Amanda Holt

Epilepsy - Debbie Coker, Trudy Turner, Sera Shute, Sara Farr
Motor-neurone disease - Tracy Thomas, Jenny Trinder
Multiple Sclerosis - Amanda Grant, Helen Rutherford, Julie Froud
Headache - Becky Stuckey, Natasha Wood
Parkinson's Specialist Team  - Emma Pearson (co-lead), Kevin Triscott, Robert Davies and Kimberly Saunders

Stroke Clinical Nurse Specialist  - Debbie Heath, Fleur Cousins, Jason Hatwell, Matthew Hicks, Miranda Sweet, Kimberley Bond

Neuromuscular Nurse - Heidi Crook

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