Day of Surgery – After Your Operation

After your operation you will be taken to the recovery area near the operating theatre.  Nurses will look after you here and will continue to monitor your blood pressure, oxygen levels and pulse rate.  They will treat any pain, sickness or nausea that you might have. If you feel up to it you can start drinking.

Once the team are satisfied with your condition you will be taken back to the ward to continue your recovery.

The ward team will continue to monitor your condition at least hourly following your operation.  The monitoring will reduce in frequency as you  recover. They will check your pain levels regularly and ensure you have regular pain relief. 

It will help if you can start drinking and eating as soon as possible after your operation, to help keep up your strength and recover faster.  You may find eating little and often easier.


It is quite common after surgery to become constipated because you are less active and using more painkillers. To help prevent constipation you should drink plenty of fluids and eat a diet high in fibre.  In addition, we can give you medication that will relieve the symptoms.  Please let the nursing team know if your normal bowel habit changes. 

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