Hip Fracture Physiotherapy

Following your operation the aim is to start moving and walking as soon as possible.  The physiotherapists will work with you towards achieving a level of mobility safe for discharge.   

Physiotherapy will begin the day after your operation. It will include increasing your walking distance on a daily basis with a walking aid (if able), leg exercises and stair/step practice if required.

Although moving around initially will cause some discomfort and your leg may feel heavy, this is perfectly normal.  Do not let this stop you becoming active again.

The amount  of weight that can be placed on the operated leg depends on the type of surgery performed.  The staff will advise you on how much weight you can place on your operated leg. 

It is important that you take regular pain relief to enable you to participate in physiotherapy and mobilise regularly


It is very important to begin your exercise programme to regain movement, muscle strength and the ability to walk.  The exercises should be performed several times a day.  At first you will feel stiff, sore and weak.  This is perfectly normal and will improve with regular exercises and walking. 

This section contains the main bed exercises we will practice with you.  Try to perform each exercise 10 times, at least 3 times per day.  You can increase the frequency that you perform the exercises over time as your pain allows.

Hip fracture exercise one 1. Clench your bottom cheeks together and hold for a count of 5 seconds. You can do this in a sitting or lying position.
Hip fracture exercise two 2. Lying on your bed with your operated leg straight, pull your toes up towards you and push the back of your knee into the bed. Hold for a count of 5.
Hip fracture exercise three 3. Lying or sitting up in bed, keep your operated leg straight and slide it out to the side and then back to the middle.
Hip fracture exercise four 4. Lying on your back, bend your knee and hip of your operated leg sliding your heel towards you and then slowly straighten. Keep your heel in contact with the bed.
Hip fracture exercise 5 5. While you are sitting in your chair or in bed, briskly pump your ankles up and down regularly.  

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