What is Parkinson’s Home Based Care?




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Parkinson’s Home Based Care

Your key to taking control

Download the patient information leaflet here 

Home Based Care (HBC) supports you:

  • To manage your Parkinson’s symptoms

  • To request a contact (call or visit) with a specialist nurse or doctor when you need one (instead of having pre-booked routine appointments).

  • By your Parkinson’s team monitoring your motor and non-motor symptoms so that advice and treatment can be offered.


Please view the videos to learn more about the Home Based Care pathway:


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video 2


How does it work?

To help you understand, track and manage your Parkinson’s symptoms you will be sent a resource pack in the post.    The pack will contain:


  1. Home Based Care Information Book – explaining how the pathway works and provides information and resources to help you manage your Parkinson’s

  2. Parkinson’s Disease: An Introductory Guide

  3. Tracking Cards

  4. Further Resources

To show you how the resources are designed to work, how you can access help at any time and the additional services the Home Based Care pathway provides, you will be invited to a training/introductory session with a member of the Parkinson’s Specialist Team.

If you would like to be considered for Home Based Care, please contact the Home Based Care Help line:



Home Based Care Help Line: 01752 432 681

Should you require urgent care, treatment or assistance, please contact your GP, 111 or if life-threatening, dial 999 


Home Based Care Mailbox: plh-tr.parkinsonshbc@nhs.net



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