Note to visitors - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Visiting a patient

(Updated 20 November 2020)

In line with the government announcement, we have taken the difficult decision to restrict visiting as below in order to protect our patients and staff.  Visiting will only be permitted in the following circumstances and PPE must be worn.

General areas

  • Patients in the final days of life will be able to receive visitors on compassionate grounds
  • If the patient’s carer needs to be in attendance to support the patient for physical or mental health reasons


Maternity visiting update: 18 December 2020

From Saturday 19 December we are pleased to be able to welcome one support partner (wearing a mask unless medically exempt) to attend the following:

- 12 and 20 week scans

- Any appointment in antenatal care following a scan for which the support partner is already present

- When attending triage (this means a partner can be present during labour and birth from the point of attendance to the hospital or midwifery unit)

- For the commencement of induction of labour

- At all times on labour ward

- For a two hour time slot on the postnatal wards

This is in line with new guidance released on Monday to support pregnant women at all times during their maternity journey while keeping the risk of transmission of the virus within NHS maternity services (including to pregnant women, other service users and staff) as low as possible. The guidance acknowledges that there may be some challenges and that some trusts will need to make changes to the way we use our facilities to enable support people to accompany women to access their maternity care safely. Unfortunately testing partners is not an option yet due to the national unavailability of tests. However, we are reviewing each area of the service which will take time to fully roll out to pre-Covid status, particularly in the community and where waiting areas are smaller than required for the footfall. Please check our website and Maternity Services Facebook page for any further updates.

Paediatrics areas

Paediatrics areas

To enable social distancing in our Neonatal Units and on our Paediatric Wards, only one parent or guardian will be able to attend at any given time. Again, it is essential we support families to stay safe, but also protect staff to ensure there is always a workforce available to provide the care local families should be able to expect from their local hospital when they attend for assessment because they are possibly in labour

Visiting a patient

We actively encourage visiting and the involvement of visitors and carers while patients are in hospital. Keeping contact with friends and relatives is an important part of a patient’s treatment, care and recovery.

There are many ways in which visitors can be involved, such as helping at meal times, and we are happy to support visitors to do so, if that is the patient’s wish.

When to visit
There are different times, depending on the needs of the patients. Our Ward Contacts page list visiting hours for each of our wards.

Visiting Patients
Visiting times may be extended for compassionate reasons, or restricted if this is appropriate for the patient’s needs.
If you have a problem visiting within these times, please ask one of the nurses who will make arrangements to suit your needs.
Visiting times are restricted to allow patients to rest and for care and treatment to be carried out.
A patient should have no more than three visitors per bed at any time.
Patients may become tired and need to rest. Please remember that other patients may wish to rest or sleep during visiting hours
Please show respect and consideration towards patients and staff whilst you are visiting.
We have a policy of “zero tolerance” to violence and abuse and anyone behaving inappropriately will be asked to leave the premises.
If you need to contact the ward please click on the link on the left for contact details

When not to visit
If you are not feeling well, or have been exposed to any infection. Symptoms such as coughs, flu, nausea or vomiting and diarrhoea can easily spread to vulnerable patients and make their condition worse.  If you have symptoms of diarrhoea or sickness please do not visit the hospital until you have been feeling better for 48 hours.

If the hospital is experiencing difficulties with an outbreak of infection please do not bring young children or frail, elderly visitors. (They may be at risk from the infection)

Hand Hygiene
Please take note of the advice regarding hand hygiene, which is displayed throughout wards and departments.

Hand gel is available outside all wards for everyone to use. Please help to minimise the risk of infection by using this. If the container is empty please tell a member of staff.

Please ask nursing staff before bringing flowers onto the ward. Flower water can carry an infection risk to patients who are susceptible.  Flowers can also cause allergic reactions for some patients.

Hospital environment
We are committed to maintaining a comfortable environment for patients, visitors and staff. When you leave the hospital please ensure you take your belongings with you and place your rubbish in an appropriate place.  If you visit an area where the standard of cleanliness is not what you expect, please tell a member of staff.

Use of mobile phones in hospital
Please note that mobile phones must not be used in many areas of the hospital as they can interfere with medical equipment.  Areas where mobile phones can be used will be clearly signed.  Public telephones are available in the main concourse level 6 and in many other departments throughout the hospital.


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