What you can expect from us

As a service we are passionate about supporting children and young people referred to us. We have a wide range of specialised professionals ready to meet the needs of children and young people and their families. We work together to understand each individual child’s circumstances and we feel that that emotional wellbeing is just as important as physical health for a child or young person. We want to work alongside caregivers to make sure that every child feels understood, valued, happy and accepted. We also work collaboratively with a wide range of outside agencies to support our work with children and young people.

As a team we are signed up to the ten wishes document created by young people of Plymouth. We try to make sure it is at the heart of everything we do. Find out more about ten wishes here

Ten-Wishes-The-why-and-the-how-booklet.pdf (plymouthscb.co.uk)


We want to make sure the children and young people we see feel safe. Our Trust is committed to the safeguarding of people of all ages and we work closely with local social services to help safeguard children and adults.


We actively welcome your feedback and one of the ways we do this is through our Friends and Family questionnaire which may be given to you on your arrival, or you can complete it online. We also collect feedback specific to some of our teams using Experience of Service Questionnaires.

We celebrate and actively share positive feedback as a team (see our word art below). We share your suggestions for improvement at a senior leadership level and wherever possible address these. Check out our 'You said, We did' space in the waiting room for recent examples.

Feedback word art bubble containing words such as Polite and Professionalism and Kindness Feedback word image art containing words such as Kind and Made to feel comfortable

When things have not gone as expected, we welcome you getting in touch directly to see if we can help (see our contact page) or using the Patient Advice and Liaison (PALS) service.

Whilst you are waiting

We know our waiting times are longer than we would like and we are working hard to address this. Whilst you are waiting, there are a number of different resources we would recommend you having a look at to support your child. These can be found in the relevant sections on our webpages, we also have some useful links and signposting on our page here.

Local links

Being part of the local community is important to us and we love being part of an ocean city. We have many service families who we support at the Child Development Centre. We are proud to have close links with HM Scott and you may even be able to spot the ship on our waiting room mural.

Plaque with a penguin on it encompassed by a gold circle with a crown on top. It has the word Scott on it. Underneath is a black frame with a photo of a boat which is the HMS Scott, it is signed by the commanding officer.

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