Common Questions about Occupational Therapy

What could I expect from the Occupational Therapy service?

There are various ways in which support might be offered for you and your child. These may include:

•             Providing reassurance, advice and support

•             Providing information e.g. resource packs and advice sheets

•             Invitation to specific group or workshops

•             Consultation

•             Assessment and intervention as required.

•             Collaboration with other services e.g your child’s school

•             Signposting to other services / community resources / groups


Will my child get an Occupational Therapy appointment?

If the referral is appropriate for an Occupational Therapy assessment, then your child will be added to our waiting list.

When the child’s name is at the top of the waiting list, we will contact you to arrange an appointment for an initial assessment.


What should I expect the first time I go to see the Occupational Therapist?

You will be asked questions about your child’s development, and we may assess your child’s gross and fine motor skills. This can be through observations, play and/or formal assessment. The therapist will discuss the outcome of the assessment with you.


How can I find out how long the waiting list is?

You can contact the Occupational Therapy department at the Child Development Centre on 01752 439400 to find out approximately how long the waiting time is in your area.


If my child has been discharged, then can I still see an Occupational Therapist again?

If you feel that your child has new concerns, please feel free to contact you GP to discuss.


How often will my child see the Occupational Therapist?

If following an Occupational Therapy assessment, it is appropriate to provide OT input the Occupational  Therapy team will work in collaboration with your child and you to set Occupational  focussed goals e.g.self-care, productivity and/or leisure. Input is provided over a short block and therefore we will require your active involvement to work on their goals out with Therapy sessions.

Following the short block of input, it is likely that your child will be discharged from Occupational Therapy.

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