EudraCT Result Database

It is mandatory to post results in the European Clinical Trials Database (EudraCT) for any interventional trials registered in the EudraCT database.

Trial results: Modalities and timing of posting
Trial Category Composition of results Timing to post results
Non-paediatric trials Full data set mandatory, summary attachment(s) optional Up to one year after the trial ends
Paediatric trials

(a trial that includes at least one subject below 18 years of age)

Full data set mandatory, summary attachment(s) optional Up to 6 months after the trial ends


To enter results data in the EudraCT database, the results user must be registered on EudraCT. To register as a first time results user follow the instructions on the EudraCT website.

Once the user is registered they may then request assignment to one or more clinical trials.  A Clinical Trial assignment request PDF form must be signed by the sponsor which is then uploaded by the user to EudraCT.  It may take up to 25 days for the results user to be assigned the trial.

Please send the completed authorising letter, ensuring it details the nominated results user and a list of University Hospitals Plymouth sponsored clinical trials to which you wish this user to be assigned to for processing.

For further information on uploading results data in EudraCT, visit the help and FAQ sections.

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