Healthy Lives Partnership

Healthy Lives Partnership



The Healthy Lives Partnership (formerly the Integrated Care Partnership) is part of a longer journey towards integrated care, which began in 2014 with a vision set out by the Plymouth Health and Wellbeing Board. Officially, the partnership was announced by Livewell Southwest and University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust on 01 July, 2021.

It also builds on the way partners have come together to respond to the COVID pandemic. For example, the large vaccination centres at Home Park and Derriford Hospital’s Centre for Wellbeing have been jointly run.

Staff from University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust, Livewell Southwest, NHS Devon, Plymouth City Council and the voluntary sector have worked together to engage with people to encourage them to take up the COVID-19 vaccine. This is just one of many examples of closer working.

The Partnership will continue to work collaboratively with primary care, the voluntary sector and communities and patients and carers to develop and improve services.

Key priorities of the Healthy Lives Partnership

  • Partnership Working
  • Promoting health and early intervention
  • Effective discharge
  • Family wellbeing

What's in the pipeline?

The heart of the partnership and how it will practically make a difference for people is the reorganisation of how some of our services will be delivered. This has been pulled together into a new service model which is designed to deliver high-quality care, without barriers, which will better enable people to lead their lives independently and in good health.

The service model has many facets and is best described through the eyes of one our patients and a look at how their treatment pathway will flow under the new model.

This demonstrates how Edith’s care will be completely focused on what’s best for her, co-developed plans keeping her needs at the top of the list. The use of video consultation is hugely beneficial and already happening for thousands of consultations delivered by both UHP and Livewell Southwest since the beginning of the pandemic. This is helping to maximise the time Edith spends at home or doing the things she enjoys rather than travelling to and from various clinical settings and navigating the risks these unnecessary journeys bring.

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