Green plan - for a greener future (report cover) University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust (UHP) launched its Green Plan, ‘For a Greener Future’ in December 2020, alongside the declaration of a Climate Emergency. The Plan outlines the key work streams that will improve sustainability performance across the Trust over the next five years, and the collaborative initiatives with partner organisations, such as Plymouth City Council, to contribute to carbon reduction targets by 2030.


Our Trust objectives are:

  1. Reduce the Trust’s carbon footprint by 20% by 2025 (and work towards net carbon zero by 2030)
  2. 10% net biodiversity gain by 2025
  3. 85% avoidance of waste going to landfill by 2025
  4. 70% score in NHS Sustainable Development Assessment Tool (SDAT) by 2025
  5. Embed sustainability into every Trust service and activity by 2025


The Green Plan will be reviewed regularly and will align with emerging policy, guidance, and other resources within the Greener NHS Programme.


Since the launch of the Trust’s Green Plan in December 2020, the Trust has been implementing a governance structure that will deliver and monitor its key objectives. A Sustainability Sub-Committee has been established which will co-ordinate the work of four working groups, each with a different sustainability remit:


  • The Sustainable Future Hospital Group – will focus on how the Trust can meet Net Zero Carbon objectives in new developments and refurbishments.
  • The Sustainable Behaviours Group – will focus on influencing behaviours of our staff, our partners, and those visiting the Trust, to maximise the use of technology while protecting our resources.
  • The Sustainable Environment Group - will focus on improving wildlife, biodiversity and the natural environment across Trust owned or leased facilities. This group will continue to be the ‘social conscience’ of the organisation on environmental matters.
  • The Sustainable Plymouth Group - will focus on strengthening external partnerships and collaboration across Plymouth to tackle climate change and to consider shared opportunities as part of the Trust’s corporate social responsibility charter.


The Sub-Committee and the working groups will monitor sustainability performance, consolidate and report on achievements, and provide reporting information which will be published in the Trust’s Annual Report.

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