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Sustainable refurbishment of Brittany House

In December 2020, the Trust published its Green Plan, “For a Greener Future”, and declared a Climate Emergency. In the Green Plan, the Trust made a commitment for all new building and refurbishment projects to meet net zero carbon standards. This commitment was exemplified by the refurbishment of Brittany House (the old Norwich Union Building) which was completed to an Energy Performance Certificate B rating, demonstrating the sustainable design approach adopted for the refurbishment.

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Saving the planet, one glove at a time

Glove Awareness Week took place this year during the first week of May and this year, we decided to add a sustainability angle to the campaign.

Health care has a significant carbon footprint as it is, being responsible for 4-5% of greenhouse gases globally. In the UK, the NHS creates 6.3% of England’s carbon emissions alone.

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Global Recycling Day 2023

As we approach this years Global Recycling Day on 18th March, it's important to highlight just how imperative recycling is across the globe. Of the earth’s natural resources, we tend to think of six as the most important: water; air; oil; natural gas; coal; minerals.

These resources represent our entire existence on the planet and today, we rely on their resources for food, hydration, power, clothing, technology, transportation – the list goes on and on.  

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Modernising acute paediatrics patient care leaflets

Healthcare provision is constantly transforming and improving as the use of technology continues to modernise and opens up new opportunities for more efficient systems, faster drug or vaccine development, earlier predictions of diseases as well as making accessing services or information easier. And it is the latter that might seem small, but can be hugely beneficial with electronic versions of care leaflets being available at the touch of a button.

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