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You may have taken part in 2023’s transport survey and had your say on what amenities would improve the convenience of the Derriford site. Travelling into Derriford isn’t always a breeze; everyone who has attempted the commute will know all too well the stress of finding a parking space and battling with the traffic as our sizeable workforce make their way to work.

Homeworking and the free park and ride by the George has eased this slightly, but the Estates and Facilities directorate are keen to find out what else staff would appreciate having onsite to make their lives easier. A commute takes away time you may otherwise have had to post a parcel, apply for a passport or collect an order. Indeed, 472 survey respondents reported wanting postal amenities and 368 reported wanting banking services.  

Word sometimes travels slowly around our 10,500+ staff, and whilst we can’t tick off everyone’s suggestions, we do have a few amenities onsite that may have gone unnoticed…

Since WHSmith was refurbished, it now houses a post office where a multitude of services are on offer including:

-Cash withdrawals

-Cheque deposits

-Cash deposits

-Drop & Go mail

-Parcelforce express services

-Pay bills and top up


Alongside a gym, the DCHW is also home to an Amazon locker. Affectionately known as Davina, the locker makes returns easy and offers a safe place for amazon to deliver your parcel if you won’t be at home- invaluable when buying Christmas gifts online! M&S outside the main entrance on level six is probably synonymous with lunch for lots of us, but the shop can also be selected as a free click and collect point for M&S online deliveries. Excited about your new Christmas party outfit that you ordered? Collect it at lunch!


We’re always keen to know what changes would make the site more convenient. Are we missing something? Let us know!

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