If you would like to have your baby at home, please ask your midwife as soon as you think this may be of interest to you.  

The evidence shows that having a baby at home is a safe option for delivery when you are healthy, well and experiencing a normal “low risk” pregnancy. Your Midwife is fully qualified to help you make this assessment. 

This can be the perfect choice for those who would like to give birth at home accompanied by their family and/or friends for support. You are more likely to feel relaxed and progress well in a familiar environment. Research shows that those who are suitable and then choose to birth at home are less likely to need pain relieving drugs, and less likely to need a caesarean section.

The midwives are able to provide you with the expertise to support you in labour. Sometimes it may be necessary to transfer by ambulance into hospital; a common cause for this is requesting an epidural for pain relief, or if any complications develop for you or your baby. Your midwife will transfer with you in the ambulance should this be the case.

Individual planning for birth will take place in the weeks before your baby is due.

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