Transitional Care Ward

The Transitional Care Ward (TCW) is situated next to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) on level 5.

There are 18 beds, 4 of which are used by mums who have a baby in the NICU.

It is staffed by midwives, nursery nurses and maternity care assistants who are there to help if your baby is born prematurely or needs extra care or observation before going home.

Here baby's can be looked after alongside their mother meaning that mum can gain confidence; our Mums can care for their baby even when they are small or sick babies and needto be kept warm in an incubator or hot cot, have tube feeds or treatment for jaundice with phototherapy lights. The staff will help with all aspects of baby care and parenting. In particular we are able to offer support with breastfeeding and initiation of milk supply when babies are too small or sick to feed directly at the breast.

Partners are encouraged to come in at any time during the day, and visiting for family and friends is between 4 and 7 p.m.

We have a family and baby support team, FAB, who offer support to all families with a baby needing neonatal care in hospital. Support includes emotional and practical help, advice with benefits and finances, and ongoing support through childrens centres on discharge home. FAB workers visit on a Wednesday afternoon if you would like to chat with them.

The neonatal outreach team are based on the Transitional Care Ward and may see babies discharged home from TCW and NICU. This sevice is for babies born born before 34 weeks gestation, born below 1.5kg weight, or being discharged home weighing less than 2kg.

The aim of the outreach team is to discharge babies home as early as is safely possible and to ease the transition from hospital to home by the provision of expert neonatal nursing care in the home setting.

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