Antenatal Screening

All expectant mothers from Plymouth, South East Cornwall and South Hams, who chose to have their pregnancy care at Derriford Hospital, are offered routine antenatal screening tests, which conform to national standards. Our screening tests include:

  • Screening for infectious diseases (including HIV, hepatitis B, and syphilis)
  • Screening for sickle cell and thalassaemia
  • First trimester screening for Down's, Edwards' and Patau's syndromes is offered from 11+2 to 14+1 weeks. Information about this scan can be found on
  • Second trimester screening is offered for Down’s syndrome from 14+2 to 20 weeks.
  • a fetal anomaly scan offered between 18 to 20+6 weeks' gestation to check for possible physical abnormalities with the baby. Information about this scan can be found here.

First Trimester Leaflet Ultrasound Screening leaflet

Screening information Further information is available in a range of formats about all routine antenatal screening tests for you and your baby. If you scroll down this page, you will find an easy read and audio version of the screening booklet.

Video: Screening for you and your baby

Video: The Screening Timeline

If you feel you may have been exposed to parvovirus (slapped cheek) in your pregnancy then please contact your community midwife or GP to have a blood test to check if you are already immune to the virus. If it is found that you have been exposed to parvovirus for the first time in this pregnancy you will need follow up with a fetal medicine consultant. A leaflet explaining more about Parvovirus.

Contact details for the Screening Midwives are 01752 439792 if you wish to discuss any aspect of your pregnancy screening.

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