Publication Scheme

The Publication Scheme comprises seven classes of information (known as Definition Documents) which can be accessed by clicking on the designated links below


1. Who we are and what we do

  1. How we fit into the NHS structure
  2. Organisations with which the Trust works in partnership
  3. Trust Board members
  4. Corporate Governance Structure
  5. Care Group and Service Line Structure
  6. How to contact us
    Specific contact points are listed under the relevant section on the Trust's Website

2. What we spend and how we spend it

  1. Annual Accounts
  2. Budgets and variance reports See the Performance Report listed in the Trust Board papers
  3. Annual Audit Letter
  4. Standing Orders and Standing Financial Instructions
  5. Capital Investment Plan
  6. Trust Board members and senior officers' allowances and expenses
  7. Staff pay and grading structures -
    NHS Employers website
  8. Funding See the relevant section in the Annual Accounts
  9. Procurement and tendering procedures
    Procurement and Logistics Strategy
    Tender/ OJEU Procedure Overview
    Trust Business Case MES 2016
  10. Contracts currently being tendered
  11. Contracts Awarded

3. What our priorities are and how we are doing

  1. Our Vision and Values
  2. Our Operating Plan 2016 to 2017
  3. Our Plans 2009 to 2019
  4. Annual Business Plan
  5. Annual Reports
  6. Performance framework/Performance reports See the relevant section in the Trust Board papers
  7. Quality Account
  8. Care Quality Commission rating
  9. Service user surveys The Trust participates in the NHS Patient Survey Programme
  10. Trust Management Executive Director Portfolios

4. How we make decisions

  1. Trust Board papers
  2. Patient and Public Involvement strategy
  3. Internal communications guidance and criteria used for decision making.

5. Our policies and procedures

Trust policies are available here.

6. Lists and registers

  1. List of Contractors and Suppliers
  2. Asset Register. See the relevant section in the Annual Accounts
  3. Register of Interests declared by Trust Board members
  4. Registers of Hospitality and Interests are available for inspection at the Trust's premises
  5. Freedom of Information Disclosure Log and compliance statistics

7. The services we offer

  1. Our clinical services
  2. Services for which the Trust is entitled to recover a fee
  3. Patient Advice and Liaison Service
  4. Information pamphlets - clinical information pamphlets are available on request
  5. Magazines and newsletters - Cascade: Staff magazine
  6. Communications and media releases

If you are unable to access the Publication Scheme via the designated link, then please contact the Publication Scheme Co-ordinator who would be happy to assist you with your enquiry by either supplying you with a paper copy of the relevant information or inviting you to attend the Trust's premises to inspect the information yourself.

Please contact the: 
Publication Scheme Co-ordinator
University Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Suite 3, Floor 3, The Range Head Office
Elsie Margaret House
15 William Prance Road


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